Glenelg School of English

Learning languages without stress is the main key to learn a language effectively.


In our groups you will interact automatically and effectively without having to worry about what is right or wrong, for a language is a self-made path.

You will feel free to create your own way of communication and will gain self-confidence as time goes by.

I do not base my teaching on any specific book but on different approaches which for sure will help you communicate in a very short time.

Learning to make meaning means that you will mean what you say and will say what you mean.

My teaching is about using the inherent learning capacity that everybody is born with. Our brain is a 'big muscle' which needs to be trained every single day. Learning a language is a wonderful way to make it happen.

The social aspect is very important to the learning process and therefore, I organise many different social activites including special evenings, theatres, cultural events and trips to the UK (English lessons only for our groups, musicals and excursions).

It is never too late to learn a language and it is never to late to start!

English for seniors is a wonderful way to interact with people. You will have the chance to interact with people who share the same interests and more importantly, you will meet people who want to discover a new world.



Who I am


My name is Fatima Kohler and I am a passionate English teacher and linguist.

I am Australian and Swiss citizen.

The way I teach does show the way I am: a very patient person who does know that everybody is different and that everybody has his own style and pace.

I have been teaching for many years and every single lesson shows me how important the capacity of being creative is.

My teaching is based on many years of observing my students' ways of learning.

I studied at the University of Adelaide, Australia:

BA / English and Linguistics

MA / Applied Linguistics

Graduate Diploma in Education (teaching diploma for grades  6 to 12  in public schools)

Adults education / English language (all levels). My studies at Uni encompass specialisation in TESOL/ESL and EAL (officially recognised - certification courses: Cambridge, IELTS, Oxford, Arels)

Senior English / Brain function and training